About us

G4, the Global Gambling Guidance Group, aims to minimise the impact of problem gambling by promoting a worldwide accreditation programme.

In many parts of the world the gambling industry is being urged to develop responsible gaming programmes to minimise the impact of problem gambling on communities and individuals. This pressure has come from governments, from industry regulators and from the communities and individuals themselves.

G4 is the brainchild of a group of international experts in the field who come from Australia, the Netherlands, U.K. and Sweden. Between them they have many years experience of working with the gambling industry worldwide to encourage responsible gaming and to minimize the harm caused by problem gambling. Their experience covers drafting responsible gaming programmes and devising and delivering training programmes for staff of landbased and remote and e-gambling companies, as well as running helplines and face to face counseling services for problem gamblers themselves.

An overview of the G4 Boardmembers and consultants you can find on the left column.





G4 Board members

  • Daniel Symond, Sydney, Australia
  • Jeffrey Derevensky, Montreal, Canada
  • Connie Jones, Las Vegas, USA
  • Gracemary Leung, Hong Kong, SAR of PRC
  • Pieter Remmers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

G4 Consultants / Advisors / Lead auditor

  • Ynze Remmers (Lead Auditor) - The Netherlands
  • Malcolm Bruce - United Kingdom
  • Willem Keessen - The Netherlands
  • Valérie Peano - Italy
  • Nathalie Smit - The Netherlands
  • Daniel Symond - Australia
  • Ben Verhoeff - The Netherlands