G4 Responsible Gaming training in Amsterdam

Strengthen your staff and your responsible gaming policy with a G4 course; it will create a sturdy platform to base all of your responsible gaming activities/operations on.

G4 offers your company the possibility to train you and your staff in December 2017 at our training facility in Amsterdam.


Mon. 11 December

  • General Awareness Training - GAT,  ½ day (13.30 - 16.30)

This introductory course covers all of the basics concerning problem gambling awareness and the different indicators for the existence of a gambling problem. Learn to pick up signals from your customers and act on these signals using harm minimisation measures and the available counselling and treatment options.

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Tue. 12 December

  • Customer Communication Skills - CCS, full day (09.30 - 16.30)

This in-depth course offers your customer facing staff a wide range of techniques and skills to draw from in their future interactions with customers. Our trainer will cover the general improvement of your staffs’ communication skills as well as the next step; the development and training of Brief Intervention Techniques.

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Wed. 13 December

  • Advanced Support Skills - ASK, full day (09.30 - 16.30)

In this advanced course the emphasis is on dealing with distressed customers. We`ll cover the instrumental use of listening, how to keep your composure in the face of aggression and knowing when to escalate to a senior figure within the organisation. Last but not least the focus will be on the recognition of (rising) conflict situations, what behaviour to observe and how to react constructively.

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The training is conducted in the Assissa/G4 training- centre in Amsterdam, close to the airport and with good hotels nearby.

All courses are:

  • Conducted by our very experienced trainers and can be done seperately or combined;
  • UK Gambling Commission proof;
  • In English.

If you want more information or take part in one or more courses, please contact G4 via:


General Awareness Training

  • 11 December 13.30 – 16.30


Customer Communication Skills

  • 12 December 09.30 – 16.30


Advanced Support Skills

  • 13 December 09.30 – 16.30



  • GAT  € 129,00*
  • CCS  € 249,00*
  • ASK  € 259,00*

*Ex. VAT