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Our audit team has an elaborate experience with the following

Responsible Gambling frameworks.

Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4)

G4, the Global Gambling Guidance Group, aims to minimise the impact of problem gambling by promoting a worldwide accreditation and certification program.

World Lottery Association (WLA) - Responsible Gaming Framework

The WLA RGF consists of four levels of achievement and 10 Program elements. It outlines how lotteries can demonstrate their level of commitment to the WLA Responsible Gaming Principles.

European Lotteries - Responsible Gaming Standards

European Lotteries are committed to addressing illegal gambling and related criminal activities while at the same time minimising any potential harm on society and vulnerable groups, in particular by means of a controlled expansion of gaming education and prevention

European Casino Association - Responsible Gambling Framework

In addition to existing laws and guidelines established by regulators, members of the ECA consider adopting an ethical and transparent approach to their activities the best way to serve the public and protect vulnerable individuals. 

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