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G4 Newsletter - December 2022

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G4 has audits planned in the Netherlands, France, Malta, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom If you want to be pro-active and certified / accredited, contact us at

G4 Board Members

Jeffrey Derevensky, Canada Connie Jones, USA
Gracemary Leung, Hong Kong, SAR of PRC
Pieter Remmers, The Netherlands
Daniel Symond, Australia

RGAB Scientific Advisory Board

Bo Bernard, USA
Silvia Martins, USA
Marc Potenza, USA
Cesar Sanchez-Bello, Venezuela
Kate Spilde, USA
Hermano Tavares, Brasilia
Ken Winters, USA
Keith White, USA
Harold Wynne, Canada


We`re proud to present our Auditor:

Ynze Roland Remmers
PCQI Lead-auditor
Registered Quality Management Systems auditor at IRCA with number 6034318
CQI practitioner

What G4 can do for you

- Certification and Accreditation
- Ethical Business practices
- Information systems for staff and players
- Staff training
- Staff and consumer information
- Intervention and referral service


G4 Conference Agenda

30th NAGS Conference
23 - 25 November 2022
Hilton Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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- Sweden-
No change for Svenska Spel as Riksdag votes on policy recommendations

Sweden’s Riksdag has voted on new measures to be applied to the Gambling Act 2018, allowing the government to continue its reform of Swedish gambling’s standards, protections and market safeguards. 

Policy proposals were reviewed and recommended by Kulturutskottets, Sweden’s Cultural Committee, which submitted the ‘Enhanced Gambling Regulation Bill’ to the Riksdag for regulatory approval.


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SBCNews, November 24, 2022 

- United Kingdom-
UKGC analysis: iGaming gaining footprint; retail down but still "a significant part" of the sector

The UK Gambling Commission has shared a new article in which the regulator reflects on the shape and size of the gambling industry in Great Britain, including the impact of macro trends and the Covid-19 pandemic on gambling behaviors. The UKGC said that while the overall number of people gambling, and the associated Gross Gambling Yield (GGY), had been relatively static up until the start of the pandemic in 2020, this scenario has changed since then, with online gaming gaining footprint as the retail sector seeks to adapt to this new context.

YOGONET, November 25, 2022
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January 2023

- Novomatic -
NOVOMATIC Attains G4 Certificate in Italy and Spain

NOVOMATIC has announced that it has been certified in Italy and Spain for its player protection and the protection of minors by the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4).

For NOVOMATIC, as an international operator of gaming venues as well as a globally exporting technology supplier, Responsible Gaming has always been a top priority. Following the certifications already achieved by the top-selling subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, the G4 certification in Italy and Spain now underlines NOVOMATIC’s position as a leading supplier of Responsible Gaming in these core markets, as well.

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European Gaming, November 30, 2022

- United Kingdom -
UKGC CEO lays out regulator's "people-focused" approach; announces account management, round-table discussions

UK Gambling Commission’s CEO Andrew Rhodes discussed his vision for how the regulator will be carrying out its role in the years to come during a speech at the CEO Briefing 2022, held on November 25. Rhodes said the UKGC will commit to a “people-focused” approach amid the “massive disruption” the sector has experienced since the Covid-19 pandemic, announcing the introduction of new measures such as round-table discussions and account management with operators.

Data since public health restrictions eased show the “unbalanced” nature of the impact, with participation up by 3%, with land-based opening up, but still lower than pre-pandemic. In-person gambling is showing signs of recovery, while iGaming continues its long-term increase.

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YOGONET, November 28, 2022

EGBA recognises improvement in safer gambling promotion

The European Betting and Gaming Association (EGBA) has published the latest annual ‘Sustainability Report 2021/2022’.

In it, efforts to promote safer gambling across Europe are acknowledged to have advanced significantly, with the report stating:

“A shift towards a better targeted and more personalised approach to safer gambling has been witnessed across European gambling markets.”

Featured are answers from CEOs that highlight the work done by EGBA members towards placing safer gambling at the forefront of corporate responsibility.

EGBA has also added that safer gambling communications sent to customers have significantly increased for its members, with “38m communications sent – a 123% yearly increase.”

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Payment Expert, November 21, 2022

- World  -
Twitch ban to speed innovation in live streaming, Livespins says

“You could see the Twitch ban coming from a long way off. The lengths streamers were going to in order to engage audiences and keep them entertained – massive wagers, unruly studio behaviour, etc – was always going to catch the eye of Twitch, regulators and watchdogs,” he said in a written interview with SiGMA. 

“D-Day may have come sooner than expected for some of the casino brands employing these streamers, but it has happened and now the industry must move forward with new ways of bringing together communities of like-minded individuals who enjoy watching streamers spin the reels on their favourite slots games and, of course, do this compliantly and responsibly.”

Amazon-owned Twitch’s ban came into effect on October 18th. It covers the streaming of sites that contain slots, dice or roulette games that are unlicensed in the U.S., or other jurisdictions that don’t offer consumer protections, such as deposit limits and waiting periods.

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SIGMA, November 25, 2022

- The Netherlands-
KSA orders operators to stop providing cashback bonuses

The Dutch Gambling Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has issued another reminder to operators on licensing duties, specifically around the topic of cashback. 

In the latest series of updates from the KSA to Dutch licence holders, the authority stated that operators should stop providing cashback as a bonus. 

Addressing Netherlands betting and gaming firms by letter, the gambling authority reminded licensees that “offering a bonus in this form is not permitted”, and operators which do so risk enforcement action.

“With cashback bonuses, players get back part of their losses,” the KSA explained. “This contributes to taking more risks and lowers the threshold to gamble. For example, by playing with higher bets or by playing more often.

“Bonuses are classified as advertising activity. According to the law, advertisements may not encourage immoderate gaming behaviour. In the opinion of the KSA, this is the case with cashback bonuses.”

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SBCNEWS, November 30, 2022

- United Kingdom-
Report: Problem gambling prevalent in UK prison system

Gambling is a normal part of day-to-day UK prison life, according to a report by Russell Webster, which examined the behaviour of 282 volunteers.

All participants were incarcerated at an unnamed Category B men’s prison, with a mixture of both convicted and on-remand prisoners for a range of offences.

A total of 45% of all participants reported gambling in prison, not too dissimilar to the 43% of un-incarcerated adults who gambled in the four weeks prior to the UKGC’s last gambling participation survey.

Overall, it was found that the majority of prisoners were not introduced to betting as a result of their imprisonment, with 66% stating that they had gambled in some way at some point in their life before their sentence. 

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SBCNews, November 22, 2022

Purchasing loot boxes in video games associated with problem gambling risk, says study

Gamers who buy 'loot boxes' are up to two times more likely to gamble, shows new research published today in the peer-reviewed journal Addiction Research & Theory.
They are also more likely to have a gambling problem compared with the gamers who don't purchase these 'virtual' treasure chests, according to the findings based on more than 1,600 adults in Canada.

The authors say the results cast doubt on the theory that psychological factors create the link between gambling and loot boxes -- banned by some countries including Belgium and discussed for legislation in many others worldwide.

Their study demonstrates that the association between these video game features and gambling exists even when childhood neglect, depression and other known risk factors for gambling are taken into account

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Science Daily, December 2, 202

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