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G4 Newsletter - September 2022

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13th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues, CONNECTING DIFFERENCES
6 – 9 September 2022, Thon Ullevaal Stadion Hotel, Oslo


Join one of the world's biggest Conference on the Study of Gambling and Meet Hundreds of people in the industry 

Please use this link to have a look at the impressive lineup.
Over 120 presenters/ presentations.
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Be part of the most interesting conference of the year.
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G4 Board Members

Jeffrey Derevensky, Canada Connie Jones, USA
Gracemary Leung, Hong Kong, SAR of PRC
Pieter Remmers, The Netherlands
Daniel Symond, Australia

RGAB Scientific Advisory Board

Bo Bernard, USA
Silvia Martins, USA
Marc Potenza, USA
Cesar Sanchez-Bello, Venezuela
Kate Spilde, USA
Hermano Tavares, Brasilia
Ken Winters, USA
Keith White, USA
Harold Wynne, Canada


We`re proud to present our Auditor:

Ynze Roland Remmers
PCQI Lead-auditor
Registered Quality Management Systems auditor at IRCA with number 6034318
CQI practitioner

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G4 Conference Agenda

30th NAGS Conference
23 - 25 November 2022
Hilton Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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- Germany -
Germany clamps down on online illegals

The Glucksspielbehorde, Germany’s new gambling regulator, is to begin to block IP addresses and payments for unlicensed online gambling operations from tomorrow.


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InterGame, June 30 2022 

- World-

The Five Nations That Make The Most From Gambling

For many governments around the world, there is an argument as to whether gambling should be legal. Or at the very least, a talking point. For those that have already legalized the likes of casinos, online casinos, and sports betting, it’s incredibly fruitful, with the government making serious money through taxation.

For those that still prohibit gambling, the temptation to raise those kinds of funds must certainly be alluring, while also having the problems that come with gambling at the back of their minds.

Market Business News, 23 August 2022
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October 2022

- Norway  -
Norsk Tipping to Reduce Visibility of Aggressive Games

Norsk Tipping plans to reduce adverts that promote some of its more aggressive games. This includes both TV ads and marketing materials at locations where high-risk gamblers go. As a result, Norwegian bettors will not be as exposed to content that advertises highly-volatile titles.

As one of the only two gambling brands in Norway, Norsk Tipping recognizes its responsibility to promote healthier gambling. The aforementioned decision is Norsk Tipping’s way to be more socially responsible and reduce gambling harm in the country.

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Gambing News, August 19, 2022


- Singapore-
Singapore’s Gambling Regulatory Authority to Impose Control on Loot Boxes

The war against loot boxes, which have been tied to gambling, is ramping up with several countries planning to introduce measures to regulate them.

Studies have also been conducted to explore the impacts of loot boxes and in-game spending. Some religious scholars even believe that the loot boxes’ random rewards mechanics are prohibited by religion.
Loot boxes are virtual items that may reward buyers with random items, although the probability of obtaining certain rewards may be less than one per cent.

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IGN August 17 2022

- World-

Modern Technologies In The Gambling Industry

The online casino gambling industry continues to change. In this area, it is crucial to follow the latest trends and apply them in time because it depends on whether the casino will get customers. It is no longer enough to run ads like “$1 deposit casino nz” to successfully promote a product and wait for an influx of players. That’s why most managers study the latest innovations and new trends

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Talk Business, August 19 2022

-United Kingdom-
UKGC increasing number of compliance inspections and fines, operators’ inquiries on potential regulatory failings grow

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is increasing the number of compliance inspections, fines and regulatory settlements, and operators are increasing their inquiries relating to potential compliance failings, according to Richard Bradley, Partner and gambling industry compliance expert at Poppleston Allen, one of the largest firms of licensing solicitors in the UK.

Just this week, Yogonet reported that, after an investigation carried out by the UKGC that revealed a series of anti-money laundering and social responsibility failings, sports betting and gaming giant Entain will pay a financial penalty of GBP 17 million ($20.5 million).  


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Nod Casino August 16 2022

- United Kingdom  -
Gambling in video games is turning kids into addicts – the next PM needs to act

For too long, we have ignored the fact that gambling mechanics – spending money for an uncertain reward – have infested some of our favourite childhood pastimes. Whoever the new prime minister will be, if they want to meaningfully address the issue of problem gambling in this country, they must tackle the spread of gambling mechanics in digital space.

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Independent, August 18 2022

- World-
Defining limits for loot boxes: "We need to understand the pressures we're putting into games"

At Devcom today, game UX strategist and cognitive science expert Celia Hodent gave a talk about ethics in games, highlighting shady practices and grey areas of game development, and emphasising the need for the industry to better define limits when it comes to monetisation practices.

"It's hard in games to determine where that line is," Hodent said. "But my point is we should start defining those lines, defining when we are crossing one, so that we can make sure we offer games that are going to be accessible, inclusive, and that are going to be respectful to players."

Her talk highlighted good UX practices, focusing in part on loot boxes and at what point they start being problematic.

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Games Industry,  August 22 2022

- Netherlands-

Dutch media giant considers legal challenge against ad ban

The country introduced a ban on “untargeted” advertising of games deemed to be “high-risk”, including online betting and casino gaming.

Under the ban, operators may not advertise on television, radio or in public spaces whether indoors or outdoors, from 1 January, 2023.

The ban followed a large amount of political pressure since online gambling launched in the country last year, with a number of MPs calling for strict limits on gambling ads.

In response to the ban, though, media conglomerate Talpa may now take legal action against the government.

A spokesperson for Talpa told iGB that the business – which owns channels such as SBS6, Net5 and Veronica – is “investigating” the possibility of a legal challenge.

While broadcast advertisements will be banned from the start of next year, sport sponsorship will remain in place until the start of 2025, to allow for clubs to find new sponsors.

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Games Industry,  August 22 2022

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