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Neccton GmbH has achieved G4 certification on the International Responsible Gambling (RG)

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Player protection and AML specialist becomes the first responsible gambling tool supplier to gain the G4 certification

Neccton, the world-renowned developer and supplier of market-leading player protection and AML compliance software mentor, has been named as the world’s first responsible gambling tool supplier to achieve certification from the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4).

G4 is a group of international experts in the field of problem and responsible gambling, with staff and board members from around the world. They have many years of experience working with the gambling industry worldwide to encourage responsible gambling and minimise related harm. The group’s accreditation programme is meant for land-based, online and lottery operators, as well as software and technology suppliers.

The accreditation followed a stringent assessment process lasting several months, including an audit and a presentation of evidence of Neccton’s credibility in the field.

The certification lasts for two years, after which time the process begins again. It is yet another landmark for Neccton, and further proof for existing and future customers that Neccton is the number one responsible gambling tool supplier in the market right now.

Mr. Pieter Remmers, Chair of the G4 board, added: “It is with pride that we can announce that neccton GmbH has achieved G4 accreditation and certification on the International Responsible Gambling (RG) standard that has been developed over the past 15 years. “Neccton is the very first software supplier of RG tools that has achieved this certification which is valid for two years. Herewith Neccton has set a standard for other companies and suppliers that are very important in the development of RG standards and customer communication.”

Dr Auer commented on the achievement: “We are so pleased with this validation of our efforts and our approach to what we do. It’s a player-centric approach based on numerous real-life academic studies, many of which I wrote or co-authored. Bringing my academic experience to this field has proven to be extremely successful and gives us a really original approach. It’s wonderful to have this recognised by this global group that are working so hard to bring their international standards to the gambling industry.”

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