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  Get recognized for your excellence in Responsible gambling 

Our mission is to develop a responsible gambling program to minimize the impact of problem gambling on communities and individuals.

What is G4 ?

What is G4 ?

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What is G4? 

The Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) is An accreditation and certification body in the field of responsible gambling. G4 aims to raise industry standards through a worldwide accreditation for gambling operators and suppliers, with the highest standards in responsible gambling. In many parts of the world, the gambling industry is being urged to develop responsible gambling programs to minimize the impact of problem gambling on communities. This pressure has come from governments, industry regulators, and the communities themselves. G4 is the brainchild of a group of international experts in the field who come from Australia, the Netherlands, the U.K., and Sweden. Between them, they have many years of experience working with the gambling industry worldwide to encourage responsible gambling and minimize the harm caused by problem gambling. Their experience covers drafting responsible gambling programs and devising and delivering training programs for staff of land-based and remote and e-gambling companies, as well as running helplines and face-to-face counselling services for problem gamblers themselves.

Who is the accreditation for? 

The Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) audits the responsible gambling practices of industry suppliers, online operators, and land-based operators worldwide. The audit covers many areas of responsible gambling to ensure that we keep the industry's responsible gambling practices to the highest standards. Once you decide to be accredited, G4 will provide you with all the necessary assistance and support in order to improve and optimize your responsible gambling practices. The Following topics are covered during the audit. 

  1. Responsible Gambling Code of Practice

  2. Corporate standards

  3. Operational code of practice

  4. Training

  5. Player protection tools

  6. Staff and responsible gambling

  7. Staff and problem gambling

  8. Player protection framework


It is advised to check the feasibility of your accreditation by carefully checking the G4 standards and analyzing the current level of your responsible gambling practices compared with the G4 standards. Get recognized for your excellence in Responsible gambling. 

How to be accredited ?  

The accreditation process consists of four main steps. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the G4 standards by reading the code of practice and estimating the feasibility of accreditation for your company. The second step is to sign the agreement between your company and G4 and set an audit date six months after signing the agreement. The third step is providing the necessary evidence to prove that your company complies with the G4 standards. Finally, an auditor from G4 will visit your location and carry out the base audit and then the follow-up audit eighteen months from the base audit. If the results of the base audit were successful, then G4 would issue a certificate. Congratulations, you are accredited.  


Read the G4 Code of practice and estimate the feasibility of accreditation




Sign the agreement and setup an audit date


Once the evidecne is deemend sufficent an auditor of G4 will carry out the base-audit 


Scheduale an introductory call with us to address all your questions and provide you with personilized information 


Collect the evidence according to the G4 player protection frame work 


The Board of G4 will review the evidecne and auditors findigns and issue a certificate 


Congratulations, you are now accredited.

The follow-up audit is after eighteen month

Responsible gambling accreditation benefits 

In a world where responsible gambling standards are becoming increasingly important, regulations worldwide prioritise it. We strongly believe in creating a responsible gambling ecosystem to ensure that the industry remains sustainable and avoids negative framing. 


Achieving G4 accreditation will:


Show that Responsible Gambling is your top priority 


Increase your marketing opportunities and positive media framing 


Distinguish yourself from unethical business in the market


Increase the lifetime value of the customer by building a long-term relationship with a healthy customer 


Creating a sustainable business that puts your customer at heart rather than the product will lead to long-term survival in a volatile industry.

Join the Responsible Ecosystem 

Novomatic logo. Novomatic accredited for achieving the G4 certification for responsible gambling

" NOVOMATIC AG and a total of ten of the top-performing subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have successfully undergone the strict G4 certification process. Work to certify other companies is already underway. This means that, in the coming year, the lion’s share of Group revenue and employees will be certified according to G4, a unique achievement in the industry."

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